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Reno is packed with amazing things to do, setting it apart from many other small cities. We’ve got world renowned chefs, balloon races, rib cook-offs, Hot August Nights, amazing coffee shops, walks along the gorgeous river (and waterpark) and so much more.

Photo credit: RenoTahoeVisit and Nevada Museum of Art

Lake Tahoe

The University is a 45-minute drive to Lake Tahoe, offering world-class skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, camping, water sports and more. The proximity of Lake Tahoe and the High Sierra is just one reason Reno-Tahoe is known as one of the best areas for outdoor sports and recreation.

Did you know? The University of Nevada, Reno is rated on the of the 30 Best Colleges for outdoor sports and recreation.

300+ Days of sunshine

High- 92 degrees
Low- 51 degrees

High- 46 degrees
Low- 22 degrees

Photo credit: RenoTahoeVisit